Today’s Featured Blog…Of Cabbages and Kings!


I’ve been scrounging about in my archives from about 25 years ago when I got into some Usenet news groups, in the early days of The World Wide Web.  One of them was on Taoism.  This post was in response to someone’s comment that the participants were the blind leading the blind.  I had some fun with it and hope you all do too.


The Blind Leading The Blind  – YES!

Ah, J______, what a sly one you are.  It’s true, we are the blind, but not leading.  Having gone to take hold of a piece of the elephant, we gather to share what we have found.  As we do so, all gain a greater understanding, a deeper appreciation of the thing-as-a-whole.

More important, perhaps, is another image, that of travelers gathering at an inn along the Way to rest in good company and exchange tales of their journeys.

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