Daily Observations – 9/17/17

DannyI was recently in a restaurant which, like many, had a bar.  I observed a young girl (7-8 years old) sitting at the bar with her father.  I have seen this before and it really bothers me.  I’m not going to tell anyone how to raise their children, but why would you want your child to be exposed to grown ups drinking alcohol, cursing while screaming about sports and general adult behavior?

I will never understand people who drag their children into adult settings.  It seems to me that judgement should trump the selfish desire.  What I mean is that a parent should sacrifice their desire to go watch a game and take the child to a kid-appropriate establishment.  I’m not sure where this decision comes from, but in my opinion it comes from selfishness.  This father’s desire to watch a game and drink a beer was more important than using good judgement.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought I would toss this observation out to my readers to see if I’m way off on this or if others hold my opinion.   What do you think?  Am I way off?

28 thoughts on “Daily Observations – 9/17/17

  1. I agree with you, Danny. Kids don’t belong in adults company, while these are drinking alcohol at a bar or so. Even at home, parents need to be careful and not to show kids alcohol in the house at a daily event. This will just teach the kid, that it is normal to drink so much alcohol. Later same parents might complain about their kids drinking, without seeing any co-incidence at all.

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    • I see it so often that I was wondering if I was missing something. I believe a parent must put the best interest of the child ahead of their own ambitions when it comes to hanging out in bars. I don’t understand how this doesn’t make sense to others.

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  2. I completely agree with you. I recall visiting my grandmother and staying overnight. She once took me to a bar where she drank and I was playing pool with these two men who were drunk and one yelled at me for “shooting ” the wrong way. It was scary to me as a young girl.. Children should go to the park, not bars. I am sure that dad felt because it was in a restaurant , then it was ok.. but no.

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    • Yesterday Evelina had a pop-up event for the boutique at a brewery. A man with his 2-year-old were there. People were drunk and while the man was carrying a tray of beers, his small child fell down the stairs and smacked his head on the pavement and had to be taken off in an ambulance. Evelina immediately ran over to the child to help and the guy was still standing there holding the tray of beer. She had to yell at him to drop the tray and help his child! And I see it time and time again. Parents these days are more focused on the places they want to go and don’t consider whether or not it is best for the kid.


      • That’s just shocking, I remember one time getting shouted at because I dropped my bags of shopping in the road to see if my daughter had hurt herself when she tripped while we were going home. I just told them to drive around me and my shopping because I had more important things to think about than my shopping. Our children deserve our attention and care when things go wrong who cares if drinks get spilled or eggs break? They’re only things, children are people and much harder to replace.

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  3. There are times when you will see families with kids at or around a bar at a restaurant waiting for a table. Judgement is the key. This situation was that the only other people there were teenagers waiting for their table as well. No tvs, no adults drinking. It just happened to be the best place to wait. So probably not a black and white “NO”.

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    • The guy was sitting at the bar with his kid while he drank beer. I’m no child psychologist but I’m guessing this isn’t good for the child and probably not the only time he’s done it. There are more appropriate places for a child. Especially when other adults are eff bombing the TVs while watching football. Gotta use better judgement.


  4. Can I add my twopence worth here? It’s not ok to take a young child and expose them to the real adult world. Plenty of time to do that later when they reach 14-16 to teach them how not to behave. Children need time out with their parents to develop a bond and that will not happen in an adult setting.

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