Daily Observations – 9/18/17

DannyYesterday I spent the afternoon catching up with an old friend.  Joe and I met in 2003 when he was a restaurant manager for a national chain and I was living in Lake Norman.  I patronized his establishment because they had the MLB package on the television and I liked to go out to watch Red Sox playoff baseball.  Of course over time we became friends.

So yesterday we sat for nearly 7 hours watching football and finding out what each other had been doing for the last 10 years and how quickly time had passed.  I observed how easily we fell back into our friendship.  Our lives have changed and I’m sure the new version of our friendship will conform to our new lives, but the foundation of the friendship is still there.  It is amazing how you can reconnect with someone and it is as if not one day had passed.  It was nice to see Joe yesterday.

Friendships for me are rare; true friendships that is.

33 thoughts on “Daily Observations – 9/18/17

  1. I knew exactly what you mean Danny. Tonight I was contacted by a dear friend who I haven’t heard from in ages. We’ll get together soon and I know it’ll be like no time has passed at all. True friendship.

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  2. They say true friendship cannot be measured in time. If piglet and pooh were to speak about it it would go something like this. ” How do you spell friendship Pooh” Pooh rubbed his chin and said ” you dont Piglet, you feel it.”

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  3. I wondered where you were! WordPress app just randomly unfollows people. I think they have stopped blogging. Then they like one of my posts and I realize I have missed 40 of theirs!!! I am glad to read your post and know that I am not the only one who finds true friendship a rare gift.

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