Daily Observations – 9/19/17

DannyOur neighborhood has a rule that all dog owners must pick up after their dog goes to the bathroom.  They provide a dog station with a trash can for waste and bags for picking up poop.  I like the rule because without it you wouldn’t want to walk in the grass and most (most) of the residents adhere to the rule.  But there is one resident who walks her dog behind my garage who habitually does not pick up after her large dog.  And we all know large dog means large piles of poo.

As I observed her yesterday I wondered why someone who knows the rule decides to ignore it and is willing to walk away while she knows someone is watching her!  It is inconsiderate of the other residents to fill up the lawn with your dog’s poop.  The manager at the neighborhood office has asked us to report anyone who doesn’t pick up their poo so I did that.

I can’t imagine how lazy and selfish someone must be to refuse to pick up after their dog.

43 thoughts on “Daily Observations – 9/19/17

  1. If you have a neighborhood association go to them for help. I doubt the person would do it without someone unseen who shares the laziness gene as backer. Call your local code enforcement for suggestions. (May require photo evidence) as the dirty deed is being performed. Good luck. I had a massive dog that was dropping loads atop a bush. As of yet I have not caught them. Yet cayenne pepper goes a long way.

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  2. Wow, finally someone else who gets it!

    I too had this issue around my home, where people had the audacity to let their dogs do their business in the grass around my house, & ALSO some would let their dogs run around WITHOUT a leash.
    In my city, this is ILLEGAL.
    I actually had NO PROBLEM reporting any & everyone that I was able to recognize that didn’t respect these rules.

    It’s funny how the people who don’t want to clean up after their dogs seldom let them go on THEIR own lawn…Oh no, they have to walk over to someone else’s.

    I think they should be FINED…..I’m sure then they’d think twice!

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  3. At least the dogs aren’t dangerous. When my kids and neighbor kids waked to school there was a house up the street that let gheir large dogs run loose.I used to keep a broom by the door to protect kids. The dogs also bit joggers. Finally ended up in court after the owners outwardly threatened my kids safety. Long story.

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  4. Wow. I owned a wonderful St. Bernard once upon a time. I cannot imagine doing that to someone! Those were very large poos. Glad you reported her. Some people have to be told to do so by their parent – they just won’t hear it from a sibling.

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