Today’s Featured Blog…A Kinder Way!!

A Kinder Way


I believe that you need therapy. It’s nothing personal because I believe that everyone needs therapy in their life. I’ve never met a person that couldn’t benefit from a little one on one time with someone trained to help you work through your stuff. Because we ALL have stuff.

I’ve been in therapy several times in my life.  The only reason I’ve ever stopped therapy was because of the ridiculous price tag that it comes with.

Several months ago I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers and she mentioned that she had started a new form of therapy that was affordable and that you could do from anywhere.

Huh?  Tell me more oh lovely YouTuber!

This type of therapy doesn’t include travel or couches (Unless it’s yours)…or even getting dressed for that matter.  It’s online therapy!

Now before you click out…WAIT! Hold on! Just give me a little more time to…

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