Daily Observations – 9/20/17

DannyIt is interesting how life can seem to flip in the blink of an eye.  One moment things could seem dire and something can happen to turn events in your favor.   There is a saying in golf:

When you are playing well it feels like you’ll never play poorly again.  And when you’re playing bad, it never seems like you’ll play good again.

The truth is all things change and I think it is important to recognize that when life seems to be in a downturn those bad times will not last forever.  I had a friend of mine lose his job once and he was upset, as can be expected.  Over a couple of beers I tried to help him gain perspective and I remember telling him that it’s not like he’s never going to find another job.  It will take time, but the bad times will end.  And eventually he found a job.

The emotion of dealing with tough times makes it difficult to maintain proper perspective, but the truth is those tough times will eventually end and the sun will rise on a brand new day.

18 thoughts on “Daily Observations – 9/20/17

    • A few years back I accepted this as a universal truth and stopped relying on positivity. When I accepted this as truth my entire mindset changed because I knew 100% that things would turn around instead of hoping.

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  1. One failure does not ruin one’s life. We all fail, at sometime in our lives. There are valuable lessons learned from failure that helps us succeed the next time. We learn to do things differently and not keep walking down the same street where we fell into the hole,

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