Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/20/17


Let me ask you a question:

Do you believe tough times build character or do you believe tough times reveal character?  

40 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/20/17

    • And it is easy to lose perspective when times get tough. Because if you start believing that things are never going to turn around then your mind will begin to focus on the negative at every single step. The smallest of things can then become really big things.

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  1. Up to some point (depending on the person) tough times can do both, but beyond that point they become destructive and traumatic. When does difficult become desperate, challenging become paralyzing hopelessness, or caution become dread?

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    • I guess it has to do with how you handle tough times. As my MS has progressed I have doubled down on pushing myself to do more even when my body says no. I’ve never looked at the situation as anything but an incredible challenge to overcome.

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  2. I would say both and it may well depend on the age of the person experiencing the tough times. The younger person will most likely build character and the older person reveal character from the tough times that built it earlier in their lives.

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  3. From my perspective after coming through some seriously tough challenges, that our character is revealed. I never imagined that what I went through I would ever experience, but I did and I have to say that I know I had what I needed inside of me all of the time. One thing that really helped was following my inner guidance and allowing life to flow without any expectations and the more I did, the more I knew I could depend on myself to rise above the challenges because I believe God gives us everything we need, we just have to have faith and trust.

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