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Moji Speaks

Remember how my last post opined to ‘never say never’?

Lessons to learn here:

You won’t discover life’s awesomeness, the best, the good, bad or ugly if you sit pretty still in your comfort zone saying NEVER

  1. Don’t make it an habit to categorically make statements on events/affairs/issues/situations you have never experienced, no matter how much you think you can imagine what goes on in that particular instance
  2. I’m telling you categorically now for a fact, No 1 is a bad habit, don’t do it!
  3. Remember Ciara’s ‘So What’ song? Yes so what, you have heard all sorts about that person, food, issue, place, thing, etc, have you tried it out yet? But you believe what they say a 100% right? I’m not asking you to do anything dangerous or harmful here, just pleading with you to always ask questions, do your own research and experience what you can.

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