Daily Observations – 9/21/17

DannyI am the type of person who does not like conflict in my life, therefore I practice habits and actions which help me eliminate (as much as possible) conflicts before they begin. There are times when you must deal with some type of conflict and there will be times when you must stand your ground.

Sometimes you must dig in on what you know is right or bar the door on things you simply will not compromise.  This could be small things or you might need to dig in on big things.  The simple fact is that if you pick and choose the right times to hold your ground, people will come to respect you more AND will usually not push the limits on things they know you will not relent.

My observation yesterday reminded me of this fact.  I had to pick a small thing and refused to compromise.  I knew that if I didn’t make a stand then I would be allowing for the flood waters to pour into my life.  I made my stand and I was determined to not back down and it worked.

Sometimes you must dig in and refuse to compromise.

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