Daily Observations – 9/22/17

DannyI don’t think I stop to smell the roses often enough.  It feels like my life is mapped out with goals to the point that I am living from one step to the next step and time is passing so quickly.  I have brief moments when I stop to appreciate what I have and for those moments time seems to cooperate and slows.  But then life speeds up again and weeks pass like days.

I wish I could invent a device that would allow anyone to slow down time.

11 thoughts on “Daily Observations – 9/22/17

  1. My best friend is exactly how you describe yourself. Even when we go hiking together. I like to go slow and catch that spider spinning a web, or look at how a tree is growing, etc…
    She is racing down the trail for exercise and then on to the next thing. She also has the awareness that she moves to fast and would like to take time to smell the roses.
    Im the opposite, It has become the only way I can live a productive life. Im still a VERY goal oriented person found I was driven and feeling like I was surviving not living. When I learned I had a choice and learned how to live mindfully, I know appreciate the perfect moments. I wish sometimes, I wasnt sooo goal oriented, but thats part of my personality. Does all that make sense?

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  2. It’s funny you bring this up. I just informed the director of a group I’m in that I will be taking a break after the concert so I can free up a little more time. I told her I was just too busy and needed to cut back. Her response: “Well, we’re all busy. Can’t you try to keep coming?”

    Hmm.. We are all busy. Maybe we are all TOO busy.

    As much as I love being wanted, there comes a point when we have to say no to some things in order to say yes to others. I want more time with my kids in the evenings. I want to be able to enjoy a sunset. I want to have time available so I can help someone. I can’t do that if I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I truly believe God meant for us to take time to rest and breathe and notice His beautiful creation. I don’t think it’s crazy at all. In fact, I think our whole society needs to learn to slow down…


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