Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/23/17


Let me ask you a question:

Do you think people are becoming less friendly?  

45 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/23/17

  1. I think so. I think people’s tolerance to unfriendliness is much lower and so they end up being unfriendly to already unfriendly people instead of making an effort to be kind. It’s a vicious cycle. I try to practice friendliness no matter if people are unfriendly to me. What’s that saying, “Be the change you want to see”?

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  2. No they are not really. In Rural Ireland I can go in to the small town where I live and smile, talk and say hello to anyone I meet, total strangers or people who look familiar – all the same. People are friendly. Also in Gozo last winter I found people quite friendly and very helpful too.

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  3. From my experience, it all depends on where I’ve lived. I’ve just moved from a very highly populated state in the south where friendliness was at a minimum to a small town out west where friendliness is the norm, even when you’re new like me, I am treated with kindness and cordiality.

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  4. No. OF course there are billions of people on the planet. Even if some are, many many many are not. It’s all about perspective. What does a person consider to be “friendly?” Personally, I don’t have any expectations about what people are or are not, cause they are different then me. I don’t know a stranger, while other people are a bit more inside than outside then I am.

    All I know is when I’m out, I get a lot of smiles, and give a lot of smiles. There’s also casual conversation exchanged sometimes. What does it mean? We make eye contact. In my opinion this is much friendlier that looking down at a phone or having ear phones in your ears. Yet, not everybody does that anyway. I learned a long time ago, a smile is often enough. We don’t need to be twins or friends. Move along!!!

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  5. I don’t think so. At least it has not been my experience that they are less friendly. By friendly I mean polite, smiling, offering a greeting or assistance when needed. When I travel on the Underground in London during rush hour and there are no seats often someone will stand and offer me a seat. I have grey hair and I assume they think as an older person I might want to be seated on a moving train. That is a friendly gesture. Sometimes I thank them and say I’m ok standing and other times if I have a long ride I will thank them and sit down. Friendly is also a smile at a stranger on the street and a greeting. Often they will answer and smile back while we both continue on our way.

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  6. I have to agree with Laura it depends where you live, folks here in East Riding of Yorkshire are very friendly and it’s a small population. Compare it to a city where not only do you have a huge population, but you have cultural and religious divides. The media divides people with constant stories of division in religion, pagan vs Christianity then Catholic vs Protestant and these days Christianity vs Islam with Shia vs Sunni thrown in. Then there’s the black vs white and east vs west. Good grief, it’s a wonder we speak to each other at all 😀 of course that is mainly fuelled by the media because when I speak to the average person they don’t really care about religion, politics, colour, creed. They just want to live a happy life with their families. I think we’re a bit more friendlier than we were in the days of the Roman/Viking/Norman invasions lol. Happy Sunday 😀😀

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  7. Yes. There are two factors. One is the constant glancing at smart phones. Face to Face interaction in public has been lost, in great part, to this phenomenon. The other factor is social media. You can disparage someone anonymously without repercussions. It is digital courage where people are saying nasty things they would never say in person.

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  8. I think that it’s more acceptable here to be rude. I don’t feel that it is worldwide. And I believe that people are becoming socially awkward as well because they are so used to being observers through social media, and you’re allowed to be a jackass 100% of the time because of animity. There’s no call for manners or appropriate behavior.

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      • There’s a whole generation that decided to pass on manners. There are pockets left here and there but in general, it is like they said unanimously, “teaching this stuff to children is too effing difficult, I pass.”. I can’t blame all on schools because that isn’t all home economics and civics. I can’t blame it all on families because they are working more then ever before, but it does seem to drop off at a certain age. Societies with closer ties to their elderly have manners as a given, we don’t have that. If Mom was not able to, Grandma would beat your ass for her for example. That isn’t so easy to find that connection anymore. I hope my comment makes sense.

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  9. I think the internet has shown that the human race is filled with arseholes, and because of the bile some people spew has made the general public less tolerant of others. Its a shame because the internet is an amazing place and yet there are people out there who use it to be vile, if you have a few minutes take a look at Diana Abbot (an MP) I don’t like her, I think she is as mad as a box of frogs but recently she has been talking of the abuse she and other female politicians receives and it is disgusting.

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