Sharing Fall…

Cyranny's Cove


She stood at the border of Autumn, hesitating. Sitting quietly on a rock, looking at the green foliage behind her, then peeking at the warmer colors, melting into the leaves, announcing the upcoming Fall.

The choice wasn’t hers, and she knew it. Once you came this close to Fall, you fell into the switch of seasons, wether you really wanted it or not. Oh, some tried to hang on to the last untouched Summer branches on their path, but they only got painfull scars on their palms, reminding them that Life was an unstoppable clock…

Tic, toc… Tic…

She was ready to let herself be sucked into Fall, and its new smells, its new sceneries. She was ready to listen to the cracking leaves under her soles, ready to see them let go, ready to see the geese fly South quacking loudly in the sky.

Different times, different realities. But…

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