Daily Observations – 9/24/17


Yesterday I was entering a store while a lady was exiting.  I opened the door on the right and began to enter as she took a step through the same door I had opened.  I politely said to her “enter to your right, exit to your right” and she had no idea what I was referring and gave me the stink eye.  I guess she thought I was holding the door for her, which I would have done gladly had I been exiting with her.

My observation has to do with her getting upset at me and why she got upset.  Was it that I pointed out to her that she was exiting the store through the enter door?  Was it that she thought I was being a smarty pants?  I’m not sure, but she decided to exit through the wrong door and made myself and the 5 people behind me wait as she did so. I wonder how someone can see the exit door is clearly free to be used, yet still want to exit through the enter door while many people are entering?  Oh, I failed to mention that her hands were not full nor was she pushing a cart.

Apparently everyone isn’t aware of the “rules” of traffic flow.

38 thoughts on “Daily Observations – 9/24/17

  1. Think she thought you were being a smarty pants 😉 If unsure when entering or leaving a building especially if there is no signage, I always wait to see what the other person is going to do. Then enter or leave after they do.

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  2. I think she probably thought you were being kind and holding the door. I will admit that I use whatever door I choose. Nobody is going to tell me which door I can and can’t use. I wouldn’t hold up a line trying to enter or leave though. That’s just rude.

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  3. Gosh, Danny, are you on a roll or what? What’s the big deal about it. Yes if you had said that to me I would have assumed it was a scolding. Maybe the other door wasn’t working. She probably thought you were holding it open for her?

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