Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/24/17


Let me ask you a question:

Is it me or should more people be concerned about the North Korea situation?  

34 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/24/17

  1. The North Korea situation is a classic example of Symmetrical Schizmogenisis, a process in which each move by one side elicits a matching move by the other leading to escalation of the conflict. In this case, the North Koreans firmly believe that it is, and has been for 60 years, the clear intention of The United States to destroy their regime if it sees a way to do so without an unacceptable level of damage to itself and South Korea. Therefore, their only possibility of safety lies in maximizing their deterrent. That is why they have spent decades building up their conventional artillery array facing Seoul to the point of being able to destroy that city with one salvo, and why now they see no alternative to achieving nuclear strike capacity on the US and its allies. The more they are threatened, the more sure they are that this is necessary for their survival. The United States has long been sure that North Korea intends, if it sees the opportunity, to invade and take over South Korea (They did try once and almost succeeded.), and that their development of nuclear capacity is intended for aggressive purposes. It is important to remember that the Korean War is not ended. There is no peace treaty, only a 60 year long cease fire, and that there have been only failures in any efforts to establish enough trust between the parties to even begin a serious negotiation of a peace treaty in which both Koreas would consider their security guaranteed. South Korea still maintains a Ministry or Department of Reunification, a clear threat to the North’s regime. The regime in the North has been built and organized entirely around defending against that threat and the United States as its implacable enemy, and has now educated three generations to believe in that danger.

    So, what to do? First and foremost, President Trump needs to stop with the threats of utter destruction and the insults. He needs to shut the Hell up with that and let the diplomats do their jobs on both sides. And, the world may have to learn to live with a North Korea that can lob a few nukes on the US. They don’t have the resources to build enough to be an existential threat to the US (Only Russia, so far, has that ability.), but they could have enough to inflict unacceptable pain in response to an attack.

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  2. North Korea is not our only problem. A certain someone has forced us into many situations that make the world hate us even more than they did. America is crumbling into the abyss and I can’t stand to watch the news and see what is going to happen next.

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  3. I honestly believe we all should have some level of concern. We are considering the fact that there are two individuals with questionable mental issues. Nothing good can come from this as I believe one is going to be upstaged by the other to the point wherein he feels the needs to make some rash decision without considering the consequences.

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  4. I think we have just got our head in the sand and thinking this is so unreal that it won’t happen. We know news media make more of things and I think it is making these two children, yes children as that is what they are behaving like, play up more and out do one another.
    Yes, I am concerned and it is very frightening when you really think about what could happen but we all have to get on with our lives and our everyday problems can sometimes feel much bigger.

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  5. YES. Even China is asking both sides to cut back on the rhetoric. Of course, the majority of citizens in the US have the attention span of a flea and were on to the next argument caused by Twitter rhetoric this weekend. I just don’t understand how people can be so unconcerned about this situation…you have two lunatics with bad haircuts and nuclear codes. What could possibly go wrong?

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  6. I thought you’d never ask! I am concerned! I am concerned that the fallout ( no pun intended) will affect the world and will certainly affect my country of Canada. I think the great danger is that two men with small appendages are trying to make themselves look like Big Swinging Dicks. And I am speaking somewhat metaphorically but that is how I see it and we are all at their mercy. Ghastly!

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