It Might Be Time For a MS Check-Up

DannyUnfortunately I need to go see my neurologist.  I have noticed over the last few weeks that my symptoms are flaring up much more than usual.  This usually means a new lesion is causing an exacerbation.  When this occurs my limbs experience more pain than normal, which is incredibly uncomfortable.

Right now I am experiencing lightning flash pains in my legs that take my breathe away at times.  Also, I have been losing feeling in my left hand, which is a brand new symptom for me.  I’ve had hand pain in the past, but I’ve never experienced numbness.  The most annoying symptom is the return of the headaches.  I don’t want to go back on meds, but I also don’t want to burden Evelina with my constant complaining about the pain.

Hopefully the doctor has some great solution.

34 thoughts on “It Might Be Time For a MS Check-Up

  1. I hope so, too. I have similar symptoms related to a different disease, and understand how tedious both chronic pain and numbness can be. Also, best wishes for a non-drug resolution. I personally avoid painkillers to an absurd level because most that do the “best” job tend to be addictive. I can handle pain over addiction.

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  2. My mother suffered from MS for 30+ years. Myrrh Gum capsules can be helpful. Myrrh boosts the immune system and reduces swelling. (It’s also a blood thinner so you need to be careful if you’re already on other blood thinners, so it’s NOT good for pregnant women.) I take it because my mother had MS. Although MS is not hereditary, MS can run in families. (My mother is the only one who has ever had MS in our family, so far. She passed away 15 years ago.)

    I learned about taking Myrrh from a woman who used to shop at the store I managed. The woman had MS which led her daughter into MS research. Unfortunately, we learned about taking Myrrh after my mother passed away. However, we had a friend of the family who also had MS. Traditional treatments had stopped working and she was wheelchair bound. The Myrrh helped her enough that she was able to walk again with a cane and regained motor function in her hands. She noticed a difference right away, which was also really cool. It wasn’t something that took months and months to see if it would help.

    I usually buy my Myrrh Gum capsules off of Amazon. Nature’s Way is my favorite brand. A bottle of 100 capsules usually runs around $7, so it’s pretty economical. Take it with food or it might make you burp.

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