Doctors! I am sick of them!

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Just came from my Endo appt and I am about to spit nails. Man he pissed me off. He is fine with the Keto/low carb diet, but he wants my numbers above 100. I want them lower/normal. He said no because I might have a low if I aim for those numbers. I said at 140 damage is being done right? He said yes. So why do you want my numbers higher. Because you MIGHT go low. Might, good grief. I might die tomorrow too, I might lose my eyesight (already have some damage), I might lose a limb (I definitely have neuropathy – had nerve test this morning). An awful lot of mights out there, but I want to spare myself that. He told me I was a perfectionist and yes I am and that he wished more of his patients were like me (huh?), but he wants me…

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