Daily Observations – 9/27/17

DannyI have observed myself lately and the way I have acted at home.  I have a bad habit of getting snippy when I am not feeling well and thus has been the case as of late.  With my MS symptoms escalating I have to be overly cautious with the way I respond to Evelina.  She has mentioned it a few times to me and now I am trying to be aware enough to pause before I speak to her.

It isn’t easy.  But living with MS does not give me carte blanche nor does it preclude me from the responsibility of treating my wife with love and respect.  It’s not always easy to observe oneself, but it is definitely revealing.

Do you take responsibility for the way you treat others when you aren’t feeling well?  Or do you expect them to understand and accept your treatment?

26 thoughts on “Daily Observations – 9/27/17

  1. I’ve been having a few health issues since my rather dramatic visit to the ER about a month ago. I have been given answers now and am waiting for a surgical consult. In the meantime I do not feel quite but have major dietary changes and some bouts of pain but nothing drastic. I have learned a lot about my problem and have researched techniques to deal with it. I also know it will not kill me. But my husband is still quite worried and if I have a bout of discomfort he worries more than I do. It is hard to see him worrying and I try to tell him that all will be well. So there are two sides to this issue of health in a relationship and neither one is easy.

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