Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/27/17


Let me ask you a question:

Is the preservation of culture a good reason to limit immigration??  

52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/27/17

    • It is a challenge in the U.S. In other countries where everyone is more “alike” this might apply. But even though the U.S. is a mix there are still elements that are unique to the U.S.


  1. This country as my Aunt reminded me the other day is a country created by God and has been considered the melting pot. It was and is called that because of the various cultures and nationalities in our country. The preservation of culture I don’t believe is the issue when it comes to immigration. The issues are safety and equality. Everyone who comes into this country should be here on a limited basis until they check out and they should not be given things by our government that this country’s own citizen’s struggle to get or cannot get because they don’t make enough money, make too much money or have bad credit. I am all for people seeking refuge and being helped but it should never be at the expense of the safety of our own people and when our people are out on the streets not being taken care of while those who are not legal citizens receive help from our government freely without any political red tape and such. I am not here to offend but to stat my opinion and how I feel. Our own military vets are homeless and scattered throughout our country, and yet we as a country freely give homes, money, education, cars to those seeking refuge from their home countries. Our ancestors came from other countries and I can’t honestly say keep out to those seeking refuge as well, I cannot forget as the Bible reminds in the Old Testament how we were once foreigners in a strange land.
    God Bless.

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  2. Yes, jazzyjenness! I also believe we have enough immigration laws on the books as it is. We need to just follow them. And for those who truly want to be a United States citizen, it means to be more accessible. The son of a friend of mine married a lady from Canada. They have spent thousands of dollars and many years trying to get citizenship for her. I think there’s something wrong with that picture.

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  3. Except, perhaps, for some tiny tribe somewhere in a rain forest That has had no contact with any outsiders for hundreds or thousand of years, there is no “pure culture” anywhere on this planet. In the present case in the USA, those who make the argument of “preserving the culture” are really talking about race. They are selling (meaning, I don’t think the purveyors of the thing really believe it) a fear of being outnumbered by others, and doing so for cynically political and monetary reasons. The Native Americans can rightfully make the argument, but the immigrants are already here and did make deliberate efforts to eliminate them, and if not the people, then their languages and cultures.

    And, as for Euro-American real culture, I don’t think Beethoven, Shakespeare, Elvis, Frost, Sandburg, Rembrandt, Woolf, Dolly, —- well, you know what I mean — are in any danger from immigrants.

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      • Ah! I see. Well I would agree with a previous comment that a small tribe of people living in a part of the world cut off from modern influences could be damaged dramatically and this has happened in South America, Africa, New Guinea etc. How about a country like China? It has been decades since I was there but their minorities tribes were not treated very well and from what I can see that has not changed. I do not see China as a country that has a big influx of immigrants either and I know nothing of what their immigration policy is. However I first went to China in 1980. That was the Communist Maoist China. I went back in 1983 and in that short time huge changes had taken place. There was a very western influence apparent. My son was there in 2005 and the change was enormous. So they have adopted much Western culture or at lease have adopted what they want to of Western culture. I see China as the next Superpower( stature and economy) so it will be interesting to see if people will want to immigrate . As it is a totalitarian government they can dictate immigration policy. Interesting question Danny with many interesting responses.

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      • I would argue that China is THE superpower in the world, at least economically they are. They own the majority of the U.S. debt which puts them in the seat ahead of the U.S. Their problem has to do with human rights and their treatment of the people.


  4. In my case, I am many cultures so it makes no sense to me to limit immigration into the US. Isn’t that what made this country what it is today? A place where anyone could come, feel safe, be free and help build a nation of compassion, kindness, love and friendship? Do we limit our friends because we have too many? Do we limit our families because it has gotten to big? In my personal opinion, we have learned to live together fairly well, isn’t that what we are moving toward? Blessings

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  5. What we consider ‘American’ culture is really an amalgam of multiple cultures that have blended together. By limiting immigration, we stagnate this culture. I travel all over the US and in our large cities, it is really cool to see the melding of multiple cultures in the people and the businesses. I would hate to see us become protectionist and end this blending.

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  6. I think it can only make things better, look at the news of Saudi Arabia, that is now allowing women to drive and from what a friend said the other day, there are more and more local women are not wearing the hajib, these things probably have come about from cultural difference coming in. Although its difficult for me, as I can trace my family from all around Europe, I think the only country they skipped was Wales and England (although not anymore) Whereas my partner can trace his family all the way back to something like 1273 in England.

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      • We’re playing hypothetical here. So you would be the person supporting it. Put yourself in their position and then try and imagine what it would feel like to believe that your culture is being taken from you. And being taken from you by people who are outsiders

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      • If we are talking about Saudi Arabia, then I think what is happening there is a good thing, women in particular are being told they can do these things, but they don’t have to, so to me its only going to impact their lives if they decide they do want to do it, I will say that they probably are looking over their shoulders, because a lot of the men are probably not going to be happy. But then when you look at places like America, Australia, where there was a native people and then a bunch of other people came over and imposed their culture, no I don’t think that was a good thing, but based on that I don’t think you should be using that as a reason to stem immigration, take a look at the French language, it is a language that doesnt change, I don’t necessarily think that is a good thing, The world is much smaller than it use to be we are all going to pick things up from other cultures its the way to move forward, but like everything you shouldn’t impose your views, people should have the option of taking or leaving it

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      • Okay, but you are still talking about it like you are looking from the outside in. What I am asking you to do is take yourself and put yourself as a person in Saudi Arabia, having been raised Muslim, with traditions that go back thousands of years. How do you think your view of the world would be different?

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      • Yes exactly, however your view seems to be because someone might have thousands of years of history and tradition behind them, wouldn’t be happy for those to be changed. They might not be, but for me personally while I would respect and honour those traditions as a woman, I wouldn’t be happy for anyone to tell me that I have to marry a stranger because my parents did it, my grandparents did it. I wouldn’t be happy for someone to tell me what to wear because some book tells me that is what I have to wear (this also goes with I wouldn’t be happy for a law to tell me what to wear either)


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