Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/28/17


Let me ask you a question:

Do you believe animals have souls?  If yes, then is it murder to kill them?  

41 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/28/17

  1. Such a great question. I’ve seen animals with intelligence and emotional range that makes me believe at least some must. Is it murder? I struggle with that because I do eat meat. I do feel bad about it, especially if it’s mammals. So usually it’s fish or poultry.

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  2. Souls? If you mean the Ghost In The Machine, a supernatural identity or essence separate from the physical body that continues after the death of the body, then the answer is “no”, because I don’t believe humans have that either. Do they have their own kind of consciousness, an emotional life, and in varying degrees a self awareness and ability to guess the feelings and intentions of others? Yes, they do. As for whether killing them is murder, I suppose that might hinge on the motive. Gratuitous cruelty to any creature is wrong, but then, I have watched a cat teach her kittens what to do with a mouse, which cannot have been less than terrifying for the mouse, but, in the wild, absolutely necessary knowledge for the kittens. I would say that hunting purely for sport and trophies rather than food could be ethically equivalent to murder. My Vegan friends would favor a broader definition.

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  3. That’s a hard question. I’m an animal lover, but I also raise cattle. Now, I don’t generally send our cows to market. We raise calves to sell to other farms, not to the stockyard. But, I know where they’re gonna end up. Does that make me an accessory?

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      • I guess if you believe that animals have any type of spirit or soul or whatever it that essence is, then it makes it tough killing them. Especially whenever I look into an animal’s eyes and I can see something in them. You know what I mean?

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      • I’m part of the chain, but I’m not in the processing part. Ours never go to slaughter. From our hands directly at least. We raise the calves and take them to market. They’re then sold to other farms, to be raised and bred, then….well, you know. We are not directly involved in the…you know.

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  4. No but then I don’t think humans have one either. Reading the comments, I will say that the way we treat our livestock in general is horrible, even the dairy industry is brutal. I try and get my meat from locally sourced farms who in as far as they can slaughter their own animals, at least I know these animals have been treated better than the mass market that we seem to have produced, but this is getting more and more difficult as they are closing down.

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      • Its a tough one, but people are proved time and time again that it is possible to leave on a vegan/vegetarian diet and the meat market is very much on a supply demand,. The question is always asked what is going to happen to the animals if you stop eating them. The simple answer is they will stop being forced to breed

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      • The problem that I have with the entire process is we do not allow these animals to just live their lives and then maybe one day be slaughtered. They living conditions that are awful. Chickens that are so pumped with steroids that their chest and breast get so big that they can’t walk around. And cattle that are just treated so inhumanely. The pictures just are terrible.

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      • Completely agree, although I think our chickens are treated differntly in the UK, not saying better or worse just different, there was an article about it.

        But you are right the way we treat our animals is disgraceful and yet its one of those things that is swept under the carpet, I have met people in their 20s who have no idea how mince (ground beef) is made

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