37 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 9/29/17

      • Well, if you’ve heard of Anita Moorjani who wrote a book, Dying to be Me, had been on life support and had a near death experience said she was conscious throughout all of it, she saw everyone and everything. she outlines it in detail in interviews and in her book. So my personal opinion is yes, I believe that even though our human body may appear to be completely unconscious, our spirit is aware of all that is going on.

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      • I love the conversation too, so many people are afraid of death, but when I’ve listened to the many stories, read books and done research and found out how many people have experienced near death then I began to realize that we know very little about it. To answer your question, no, that isn’t an isolated incident. There is an NDE Research Foundation that you can Google and read about the experiences that thousands of people have had. They also provide additional information for anyone who is interested. For more noted NDE stories, there is Dr. Eben Alexander who wrote the book, Proof of Heaven, he is a Neurosurgeon. As well, if you check Amazon for NDE books, they have a whole selection on them. It is pretty amazing when you get into it to realize that more goes on when we go unconscious or die then we are taught.

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  1. This is a question for the medics. That person in France who now can open his eyes and follow with his eyes is now considered “conscious” after 15 years in a coma. He did not regain consciousness by himself but as part of a medical “experiment”. For the medical profession consciousness is measured in your ability to respond physically. But what about the mind as mentioned in a previous comment? I have a living will to be let go if I am unconscious and not revivable. I’ve had a good life. I don’t want to be trapped in an “unconscious” body.

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  2. I think it’s pretty unanimous,awareness of everything. Yes people’s feelings, but sometimes it’s the silly things that annoy me. For example when I see one of my students throw an empty drink can on the floor when they are actually leaning on a bin, that really does my head in 🙂

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  3. Jon Kabit Zinn says “Our problem is not in our falling asleep, it is learning to fall awake.” My thoughts are we are in and out of consciousness all the time. Knowing this creates a space for being present to what we don’t know, that we don’t know. Otherwise we will continue to live as though we know every thing. What a useless existence.

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    • Most will never wake up. The beginnings of consciousness for me was the journey of learning what I don’t know. Kind of a Descartes experiment. I stopped pretending to talk about things and find the self-awareness of being okay not knowing.


  4. Thanks Dray and I am happy for your shift (s). Just as you have come to a place of transformation the hope is that others in their own time will do the same. 33 years ago I was a homeless addict. Today with 32 plus years of sobriety and a blessed body of work perhaps I am a miracle. That miracle is only possible through a commitment which includes that I can assist other in overcoming whatever has them stopped.All my friends have been transformed in one way or another. They too were at one point in their lives stuck in the mire of something which did not even resemble who they really were. I am so glad that some of these gave me a chance in 1985.

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  5. Here’s another idea. Today I was listening to a radio interview with two film makers who had made a documentary about donkeys, living in sanctuaries after being abused. There was one that had been stabbed a hundred times by teenagers. A massage therapist spent time just patting the donkey. The film makers said that this made them realize that the donkey’s body had a consciousness of the abuse. They felt that we also have a consciousness in our bodies and that consciousness does not only exist in our minds. Just passing on this idea. I think it may have some merit.

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