Happy 89th Birthday Elie Wiesel


Today is the 89th birthday of the activist, author, and professor Elie Wiesel. There are people who have life stories that if we learn them, it empowers us to go farther than we ever thought was possible. He is one of those individuals. His family died in concentration camps and he became a Yale Scholar. He used his voice to make sure the world audience remembered what happened because it is the best way to insure it never happens again. The world is a better place because he was in it and still feels the loss that he has left.

MILAN, ITALY - JUNE 28: Elie Wiesel attends at Teatro Dal Verme on June 28, 2008 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)NAME: Elie Wiesel
BIRTH DATE: September 30, 1928
DEATH DATE: July 2, 2016
PLACE OF BIRTH: Sighet, Romania
PLACE OF DEATH: New York City, New York
US Holocaust Memorial Museum Council Chairman (1980-86)
Cosmos Club Award 2006
Nobel Peaceā€¦

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