My Daily Observation: 9/30/17


Over the last couple months I have been producing content, but I haven’t been as engaged as I have been in the past.  And as all successful bloggers understand, blogging is a verb and involves a lot more than producing quality content.  I feel like I have made it through the tunnel and have arrived on the other side ready to work.

My observation has been this: sometimes you just have to rely on discipline to get you through tough times.  You continue to do what it is you need to do simply because you know tough times don’t last.  You might not “feel” like doing A, B, C, but you keep on doing anyway.

I have recommitted myself to reading other blogs again much like I did when I first started blogging; although I will be honest and say I will not be reading 500 blogs each day.  That was my original goal back in the early days.  My new goal will be to read 50-100 blogs each day and reconnect with some followers who have been with me since the beginning, as well as, those who engage my page on a daily basis.

It might take me a while to get to every page, but it is a start and I am excited for the future!!

14 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 9/30/17

    • Jason at Harsh Reality taught me that “trick” and it worked to help me grow. It was a huge undertaking as it took me hours and hours of reading. I think I can handle reading 100 each day, but will not be upset if I get to 50.


  1. I need to start getting up in the middle of the night when I have free data to read. I miss connecting with the people I’ve met and reading their blogs. But, gosh Danny…100 blogs a day! I’m impressed as all get out!

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  2. I believe Jason said so, he has had fire and speed on from the beginning. I think, that your goal sound realistic now and remember to forgive yourself for not fulfilling every day. We are all allowed to some time in real life too πŸ™‚

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  3. I remember hearing a story that Somerset Maugham, while living in the south of France, had a house guest who was also a writer. When Maugham come out to the pool at lunch time and found said friend lounging at the pool he asked why he was not writing. Friend replied: “I’m waiting for inspiration.” To which Maugham said: “There’s no such thing as inspiration only hard work.”

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