My Daily Observation: 10/3/17

DannyIt is unfortunate when you confide in someone and they betray your trust.  A few days ago I said something to someone in a private conversation that got back to me through another person.  It wasn’t a major deal, but it did pertain to my work and I would have preferred this person have kept the conversation private.

My observation is this: it doesn’t seem that you can trust anyone these days.  “Lose lips sink ships” has always been my personal policy and I try to focus on keeping my mouth shut as it relates to things people have told me.  I also ask people not to tell me anything that isn’t known to the general public that way if I do slip up, I’m not spilling info on something that shouldn’t be known.

I also hold myself accountable for talking a bit too much in the conversation.  I should have been more aware and not said as much.  Oh well, what’s done is done.  Now I get to call this person and confront them, which isn’t my favorite thing to do.

Be careful who you tell things to!!

17 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/3/17

  1. So sorry this happened Danny…..It’s hard to realize people whom you thought you could trust have violated that trust in some way. I’ve adopted the attitude that if I wouldn’t want the world to know it, I just don’t say it to anyone except my husband or best friend, and if someone tells me something, unless they specifically tell me I can share it, it stops with me.

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  2. That’s why I don’t talk to people 🙂 lol
    But seriously, I’m sorry that happened to you, and people should be more respectful of others. I know in the past I’ve blabbed about something that should’ve been kept private, and I felt awful about it. You have a good policy. I also try to keep my mouth shut about other people’s business, and I’d rather they don’t tell me about it. Good luck talking to that person!

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  3. Great advice. Confrontation I think is hard for so many of us. Calling someone out on their mouth.
    It is a good lesson on being mindful of the mouth that is for sure.
    But it does also suck that you cannot confide in someone and ramble about and have that then repeated. Ah sooo many emotions

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  4. Yes it is best to say little. I had a friend who I thought was a good friend and I confided something to her. I later learned from two other people that she had gossiped about me not only passing on what I had told her in confidence but putting a very bad light on what I had said. I called her on it and basically tore a strip off her. I have seen her a few times since and I am polite but she will never be a friend again.

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  5. Sorry to hear that happened to you. Sometimes you have to be careful to whom you tell things. 😦 I’ve found out recently that something that you say in semi-jest can come back to haunt you as if you were completely serious.

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