Today’s Featured Blog…Not My Secret!

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

I left the house and neighbor passing asked what I was looking for today on my mindful walk. I LOVE that she knows what I am doing! Love it. I told her red. I was looking for red.

After finding the cut down tree I had to move past that experience and find red. I found a red pine cone looking thingy. I found a red leaf. I found a red flower. I found just what I was looking for.

But while looking with intention I found some unexpected gems, these clusters of mushrooms. They fascinated me. They were all over this person’s yard. Little colonies of mushrooms. Everywhere! I like little colonies and groups of things that stand together. It reminds me of support and survivors and what we can give each other while standing side by side.

I stopped to take pictures of them. They smelled exactly like…

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