My Daily Observation: 10/4/17


Is it wrong to say that I am becoming numb to these mass shootings?

This post is going to be honest so if you are bothered by honesty that doesn’t coincide with your ideologies, then this might be a great time to exit.  I woke up on Monday morning like most everyone else and read a headline about the Vegas shootings and then began to get ready for work.  I didn’t read much about the incident nor did I watch a lot of video coverage.  I didn’t watch the news.  I did watch a little of the interview with the killers brother.  Honestly it seems on par for this day-and-time.

In the last 5-6 years there have been thousands of mass shootings (shootings in public and more than 3 people killed).  The news reports these shootings so much that I have become numb to it all.  I probably haven’t watched/read more than 10 minutes worth of information about what happened in Vegas.  I hope this doesn’t make me a bad person.  I kind of feel bad for being to apathetic.

When will it all stop?

I don’t know how to prevent these things from happening, but I have an idea and the NRA isn’t going to like my solution; and some of my readers may not like it either.  We have to find a way to get these military weapons off the streets.  I’ll take my chances with a lunatic driving a car through a crowd or a knife wielding psychopath versus a guy with 20 guns shooting an automatic weapon from atop a building.

But, nothing will change and next year some newly pissed off citizen will walk through a mall killing men, women and children with a weapon designed for war and we’ll have the same outrage and sadness.

And it will happen again and again and again and again…Eventually we are going to have to stop this problem and some people are going to have to admit we are making it easy for these people to kill so many, so easily.

32 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/4/17

  1. Being British, I feel I shouldn’t really have a say about gun laws in other countries, but I can certainly have an opinion. I have many American friends and spend a fair amount of time in Nashville, where most of my friends have guns of some sort. I get it, guns are part of the culture. I understand. But does the average man on the street really need access to automatic, military-style weaponry? I mean, really? Would it really be so bad to have more stringent checks and procedures in place for those purchasing weapons? I would suggest that someone who feels an absolute need for heavy fire power at their disposal is seriously lacking in other parts of themselves. Over here, it would be called a penis extension. But I’m British, so what do I know. I just think that the senseless killing should stop. Now.

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  2. this is one of those topics that releases passions on both sides. I’m fine with your opinion on the subject. I’ve never completely understood the need to buy and possess one of these weapons. it has no real sporting purpose but one can always make a case how it could be used for sport hunting. technically there is no real difference in performance between an AR-15 and a Ruger Mini-14. they both use the same round and the bullets perform the same. one looks like a traditional hunting rifle and the other looks tactical. we used to laugh at some guys who occasionally would show up in the deer or antelope hunting fields carrying something like that. I could reach out much further and much more accurately with my bolt action rifle.

    here in Minnesota, one must first apply for and then obtain a Permit to Purchase thru the local police department before you can buy a weapon. they submit your information for a background check and then issue the permit once everything checks out. it usually takes about 10 days for the process but my applications typically take longer to approve because my name shows up on the FBI and other databases due to me having previous security clearances. and I’m OK with having to reapply every year for a new permit. It’s my opinion that a law abiding gun owner would want to keep as weapons away from certain people as much as possible. the question is how to do that on a national basis?

    using the No-Fly List is a terrible idea in my opinion because TSA is not a law enforcement agency. the list is fraught full of issues such is mis-identifying people, no due process and then how do you get off the damn thing once you were erroneously put on it in the first place? I’d be happier if the Congress would fund the FBI to run a program. I’m sure that idea would upset a number of gun owners in the country since a number have a suspicion of Government in the first place but they have the database, the know how and processes in place to effectively run a national program. all they need is money and more people.

    I don’t have an answer on weapons such as the AR-15. they look mean and they look scary to a lot of people but to those of us with military backgrounds we know they aren’t the sane as an M-4 or an M-16. but I will concede and say in my humble opinion that they are designed for one thing and one thing only and that is killing. I find the Congress largely to blame for letting the ban lapse. I’m also blaming the Democrats for not doing anything about it when they had a super majority in both houses during Obama’s first term in office. they could have easily pushed thru a new ban at that time but they didn’t.

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      • I tend to agree with you on that and would add that passions are high. But I do think that some sensible approaches can be made to get some forward movement and protect the rights of all law abiding citizens.

        do we really need to manufacture and sell components that someone can use to modify their weapon to fire more rapidly? I would say no.

        do we need to enforce the laws that are already on the books. I would say yes.

        do we need a national background check system that actually works? I would say yes.

        do we need to report domestic abusers and the mentally ill to it? I would say yes.

        do we need to sell something that looks like a tactical weapon? that I don’t know about. some would yes and I get why they feel that way. they look military, they’re scary looking and let’s face it they are automatically associated with death. I get that a large number of people hate handguns and weapons like these. I get that they don’t want anything to do with them and would prefer that we shoot them all off into space to crash land on the sun.

        I think people also have to concede that criminals don’t obey laws. that’s common sense. one truth that I found in the military is there is evil in this world and it will find a way to manifest itself. a professional criminal or a terrorist will find a way to obtain a weapon and it won’t be be going to the local gun shop to purchase it.

        another truth is good people do break and go off the deep end and want to take their lives and others with them. I’ve known a number of people who committed suicide. I don’t have any answers on how we deal with that.

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  3. For all the horror and shock of these mass shootings, more than half the gun deaths in this country are suicides – so quick, so easy, so fatal – Somehow the one has the same roots as the other. These are the symptoms. What is the disease? What is the message in it all (throw in the opoid epidemic for good measure) of what ails this society?

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  4. I’m not American, but I can only agree with you Danny. I read an article about, how they did in Australia some years ago, where the government bought the weapon back from the owners to bring down the numbers of weapons in the country. This worked well for all parts and the article wrote about, this could be the right to do in US too. I think, it sounds like a good idea.

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  5. I completely agree with you. Both the UK and Australia had mass shootings within a month of each other, both tightened up their gun laws. Not sure how it is in Australia, but the laws surrounding the guns in the UK are very tight. Of course you can still get illegal guns, don’t think that is going to change.

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  6. Unfortunately money rules, as in so many things. Weapons, of all kinds, are manufactured and sold all over the world, by many countries, including the UK. We than have the nerve to complain when they are used against what we may consider to be “good guys”, rather than the “bad guys”. We complain about the continued manufacture of land mines by some countries, when the world is still littered with ones made by us, and people are still maimed, or killed, by WW1, WW2, Vietnam, etc munitions. Take it a stage further. Does it make any sense to sell explosives, openly, to anyone who wishes to buy fireworks? No restrictions!

    Mini rant over.

    I wonder how large the pile of weapons would be if you collected them all together? I shudder too think.

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  7. Unfortunately, until the Republican party and NRA change, this is going to continue to happen. As long as they hold power and are not held accountable for their policies, I don’t see that happening in the near future. They market and feed propaganda to a certain segment of people who think that they are entitled to possess and to carry anywhere they want. They live their lives in fear of some boogeyman and they are easily manipulated.

    The bottom line is that things will not change until there is a cultural change and the 2A is limited via a Constitutional amendment.

    What is scary is that the Las Vegas gunman’s collection is small compared to the collections of some people I’ve encountered on the Internet.

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  8. in a perfect world, the only guns would be limited to shotguns for hunting and nothing else for the average citizen. I have a chance against someone with a shotgun..none whatsoever with a person with a semi auto. I would honestly like to see the US buy back each and every gun owned by anyone..and then destroy them all. have laws saying sorry, if you aren’t in the national guard or armed services or police you are not allowed to own one. it won’t ever happen though.

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  9. My comment was that this is what other countries are used to. It is no longer unique for us to have a mass killing of some sort. It is becoming common place. I don’t believe in guns or wars and will not own one, but while married there were guns in our house and he has them now. We fought about guns with children in the house. He didn’t want to have to lock them up. Tough! It was bad enough we had them, but he wasn’t going to make it easy for the kids to get curious and have something happen.

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  10. I’m not an American citizen, but I do have an opinion on the subject of guns. Here in Mexico, although the sale and ownership of weapons is strictly controlled, criminal gangs and drug cartels carry so much firepower only the army is able to fight them. This is because of the huge flow of guns from the USA into Mexico. It is estimated that anywhere from 70% to 90% of guns in the hands of drug cartels come from the USA. Most of these are assault weapons similar to ones used in mass shootings. Mexican lawmakers have repeatedly called on their American counterparts to pass laws on improved screenings and backgrounds checks to prevent “straw man” purchases (acquiring guns on behalf of others with the intention of trafficking weapons), to no avail. In fact, several American conservatives have been quick to dissmiss the idea that American guns are fueling the violence south of the border. And they’ve even suggested Mexico should instead copy American gun laws and 2nd Ammendment rights to get more guns into the hands on law-abiding citizens. Howerver, most of us Mexican citizens don’t even want to buy a gun. We just want fewer guns in the country, period.

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  11. I am Canadian and I have difficulty understanding the 2nd Amendment and how it can be carried so far as to allow the type of weapons that killed 59 people this past weekend. But I have spent enough time in the USA to know that there is no simple solution to this problem. A friend of mine in Florida , where we spend time in the winter, has told me she now carries a gun. To be honest I fear for her grandchildren as often kids are shot by accident. I know this friend does not know anything about guns and in fact it is going to make me nervous to be with her and know she has a gun in her purse. It is just not something I am comfortable with. And as for becoming numb Danny I think it is self preservation. There is so much bad news so much inhumanity to man in the world at the moment that in order to remain sane I think we have to just turn off the news and the news media and take a break.

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