15 thoughts on “Danny’s World: I Gotta Get My Weight Under Control

  1. I feel the same. I have found a lot of vegetables does help. But I think you look great and don’t cjphange the garage look, it makes you just as “real” as everyone else! 😂

  2. I don’t believe your dr necessarily. I have always had a problem with weight and even cutting the sugar out and keeping my calories low and even the exercise till I had to stop didn’t allow me to lose weight.

    1. He’s also referring to people who don’t have severe medical issues, but people who simply have eaten themselves into health problems. But also, the vast majority of people don’t design eating regimens with a nutritionist specific to their particular health problems. I have a friend who has a medical condition that directly affects his weight. When he was incredibly strict in his eating he lost weight. When he wasn’t incredibly strict and disciplined in his eating he gained weight. But everyone’s experience is different. In the end we have to ask ourselves…”Am I doing absolutely everything in my power to do better, to be better?” If the answer is yes then great. If the answer is no, then reevaluate and move forward.

      1. I would lose and gain all the time as a child though I was mostly thin. In high school I weight 86 lbs and wore a size 3 (very small), when I got married I bought a wedding dress several sizes too small and had to lose weight to wear it. I did, then I gained in my married life and then my ex went to the Marine Corps boot camp and I lost a lot of weight. Weighed less than 100 lbs when I got pregnant and then it ballooned from there. I couldn’t lose the weight anymore. Even now, eating very few carbs and calories I am not losing weight like I did before when I cut the carbs. I have no clue anymore what to do. My weight is hanging in there no matter what. Maybe the low carb way of eating I am on now will someday break and let me lose weight. I need to for my health especially if I want to get off of insulin.

      2. I have gone through several nutritrionists/dieticians and we part ways because they believe in high carb diets for diabetics. I definitely don’t believe that way is the answer for diabetics. The lower the carbs the better. Even before diabetes 20 years ago I knew that counting calories did not work for me, but low carb did, now the low carbs is because of the diabetes. I don’t want to argue with you about my diet too. I am doing what I believe is right for me, research wise and other diabetics. The American Diabetes Association has not changed their research or high carb recommendations for 50 years. The higher my sugar the more chance of complications and death and more medications. I have brought my meds down some and my A1c has dropped a good bit too from low carb eating. Even my Endocrinologist wants my sugars higher. It is possible to get my numbers lower and off the insulin or at least lower it some more for now if I could just get the weight to cooperate. Unfortunately I don’t trust the ADA or the drs, nurses and nutritionists that believe the high carb diet is essential. My numbers are more in the normal range now and I want them there. They can’t cure diabetes, but the higher our numbers the faster the complications arise. I don’t want to argue with you or anyone else. I get enough of that with the drs, nurses and dieticians. I have my reasons and they are working for me and that is what counts.

  3. Awesome plan!!!!
    We eliminated all of those things too. The sugar…I had NO idea how many things we had that had sugar in it. In a few months I dropped 15 lbs and all I did was toss the soda, sugar, cake, etc. but let me give you a little warning. I got mad. Grumpy. Agitated. I had no idea how much my brain wanted that sugar! We all did the same thing. No one else was bothered but me. I really wanted a snickers!!!
    Good luck with it. I am sure you will do great!

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