My Daily Observation: 10/5/17


When I was a younger man I took my sports teams incredibly serious.  You would think I was dealing with a life-or-death situation; especially as it pertained to the Red Sox.  In 2004 when the Red Sox would break the 86 year World Series drought, I watched every single world series game from the same bar, from the same room, from the same seat.  (As a matter of fact that entire season I don’t think I missed watching more than 15 of the 162 regular season games.)  My sport’s superstitions told me that if I had not done that they would have lost.  They would go on to win for the first time since 1918 and all of my rituals would be validated.

Fast forward to present day.  I still keep up with all of my teams, especially the Sox, but I don’t have the same crazy passion.  Sometimes I wonder if it is the result of growing up or having different priorities.  Whatever the reason I just don’t care as much.  I am proud to be a Red Sox fan, but I am not a fanatic as I once was.

It is funny how time changes a person.  I think back on those days in the early 2000s and I don’t recognize that person; I don’t know that Danny.  My priorities now are to be the best husband I can be to Evelina.  To be here for her for years to come, which means I must take care of my body and try to be healthy.  I must manage our finances so that we have enough once retirement times rolls around.  I must do a great job at work so that I can produce the income necessary to provide us the life we want.

And as I’m thinking through things now, I’m not even sure where sports falls on my list of priorities.  I think it falls under “entertainment not to be taken too seriously”.   My teams do not have the same impact on me as they once did and to be completely honest I’m okay with it.

Actually, I’m glad.  It means that Peter Pan finally grew up.


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