27 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 10/6/17

  1. We proved to most everybody’s satisfaction that banning alcohol didn’t work, but ending Prohibition left a whole new industry that had grown under it, on both sides of the law, out of a job. The solution was to have a war on drugs, which has been just as much a failure as the one on alcohol. Humans do seem to have a predilection for messing about with our neuro-chemistry, one shared with some other mammals, that isn’t likely to go away any time soon. When a thing is banned, a black market is created and run by the criminally unscrupulous. When a thing is legal, it can be regulated, its producers and marketers held accountable, and taxed.

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  2. It SHOULD be banned. Then we would have no more killing innocent people with the drinkers and drivers. We would have less domestic violence. Alcohol ruins families. Ofcourse if you ban it it does not mean it won’t still be used but I agree with your kind of question but kind of statement

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  3. Prohibition caused the worst organized crime the United States had ever seen and everyone of means continued to drink. Drugs are not much different. Both can kill the user and can kill others when under the influence. Both are addicting. Restrictions on alcohol are interesting. In Europe, where there is no minimum drinking age in many countries, the alcoholism rate is much less than it is here. It’s a rite of passage to drink when you’re 21 (or younger) in the US and this is not something that happens in these other countries. When you restrict people from doing things, it gives many the urge to do it even more. It will be interesting to see the negatives, if any, that come out of states where marijuana is legal. I spent quite a bit of time in Colorado and the positives in that state far outweigh the negatives. Most of the negatives come from the out-of-sync nature of state and federal laws.

    I’m a bit of a libertarian or Darwinist on this. Those that abuse drugs or alcohol are going to do it whether they are illegal or not. If they’re prone to addiction, it will happen.

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  4. That is a great question and I have written about it as well a little while back (may I share? https://amommasview.wordpress.com/2017/07/12/blast-from-the-past-legalize-or-not-what-makes-the-difference/). I do wonder the same thing. Both has been around forever but for some reason one has managed to stay legal while the other one is doomed illegal (let’s just talk about grass an not about all the crazy stuff out there)…

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  5. Making alcohol illegal created organized crime, bringing it back did not get rid of it. There are definitely some drugs (alcohol included) that might be better off controlled (not illegal, just “controlled”). Then there are a few that are just stupid & the powers that were at the time had to be tricked into making them illegal, which they didn’t want to recant after they discovered the innocuous substance that they new it to be because they didn’t want egg on their faces (namely cannabis, which only started being called marijuana in the states as it was an unknown word at the time & the few who wanted it stamped out also wanted it associated with illegal aliens from Mexico, as it was their word).

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