Today’s Featured Blog…Tea and Tales!

Tea and Tales

Good Friday Morning to you all! This morning I am on my third cup of tea. A nice Rooibus Tea this morning. I personally like the one from Twinings, but there are quite a few out there that are very nice.

Yesterday I think we all found out that during the night folks do a lot of odd things in their sleep. I wondered what I did, if I do anything, which I doubted .

Him: You sleep with your mouth open and you snore.

Me: I do not.

Him: You also sleep just like Corbin. You just flop on top of people like an X and sleep there until someone throws you off.

Me: I do not.

Him: If anyone in the bed gets up for any reason you steal their spot.

Me: Uh Uh.

Him: You also have trouble accepting the truth.

Me: What???

Him: You heard me.

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