My Daily Observation: 10/7/17


I reblog around 4 posts per day from bloggers I follow whose posts I find interesting.  On occasion someone will come across a reblogged post and feel the need to email me and tell me what an “as***ole” I am for writing such “garbage”.

My observation is this: it amazes me the number of people who don’t recognize the difference between a reblog and an original post.  Let me say for the record that I don’t have to agree with the content to share it with my readers.  I would say there are many opinion pieces I share that I do not agree with the view of the writer and I do that for a specific reason.  Why?  I love to challenge my own thinking and the thinking of my readers.  I think it is not only healthy, but also imperative that we spend as much time reading opposing views to our own world-view.

So to the blogger who felt the need to email I say “thank you”.  As for the name calling, not so much.  If you can’t handle an opposing view then all you have to do is unfollow; it is that simple.

36 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/7/17

  1. Honestly, what you reblog is your prerogative. A blogger’s space belongs to them. I read stuff all the time on multiple blogs that I simple don’t agree with. It’s easy—don’t hit like.

    The only time I unfollow a blog is if the content is belligerently offensive or inappropriate. It’s healthy for a person to have their beliefs challenged. I think you handled this well!

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  2. What amazes me is that people will actually take time out of their life to write something spiteful. They feel such a need to say something mean to someone else, they’ll waste precious minutes of their day on it. That’s a surprising commitment to hatefulness.

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  3. Personally if someone reblogged something I had done I would take it as a compliment, it would not enter my head that they were trying to pass it off as their own because I doubt that anyone would.

    Likewise if I read something that someone has taken the time to reblog I appreciate seeing something good that I might have missed. It’s a win win situation for everyone 👍

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  4. We seem to be in a climate lately where disagreeing with someone’s views gives a person the right to disparage them and make assumptions about them without engaging in any type of intelligent discussion. This has driven me away from many aspects of social media.

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