Combining 2 blogs into 1 is not easy!

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

There is no import for a free blog to a free blog. I must do it by hand. I am deleting a lot that isn’t a story or poem, but the deleting option keeps freezing up and having errors. I am getting quite annoyed. The ones I want to move over take a lot of copy/pasting.

Beginning to wonder whether I should have started this. One blog might be easier, but this is driving me crazy. It is going to take a while and deleting the old stuff I don’t want isn’t working barely at all. WordPress keeps giving me errors.

I have tried trashing them or deleting them and one or two might go, but then I get the errors again.

Although the last time I looked my Facebook connection was back on “Tessa Can Do It” and that is progress. Took them long enough.

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

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