My Daily Observation: 10/9/17


Today is Columbus Day in the States and many states are adopting Indigenous People’s Day; a move with which I agree.  It doesn’t take much reading (Columbus’ own journal) to understand Columbus was driven by money and power and was fully aware he would have to kill in order to get his 10%.

My observation today is how history has been taught here in the states.  When I was a young man I was taught that Columbus was an adventurer, a sailor and a hero.  The truth is he was a mass murderer and did so in the name of Spain, Christianity and greed.  These facts were left out by design to push the agenda of heroism and courage.  Columbus was portrayed as a saint of sorts, moving throughout the world helping to bring the message of Jesus to those lost souls.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  We know history is written by the victors, but it is time to rewrite history.  I believe it is never too late to do the right thing and the right thing here is to show some respect to those Native Americans which Columbus brutalized.

It is time to change this day to Indigenous People’s Day.

24 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/9/17

    • I’m not sure how anyone who does any amount of research could still consider the guy a hero. He’s in the same category as Cortes as far as I’m concerned. The raped, pillaged and murdered tens of thousands of innocent people.


  1. Maybe it should be known as Crappy Navigator Skills Day. I don’t understand how the dude is celebrated. Never mind that he never actually set foot on North America. He was a murderer. Of course, history is full people celebrated for committing crimes in the name of religion.

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  2. I recently got a shock and at the age of 60 that history is different if you read other countries views on it. It just never occurred to me. I now know this country was hated long before Trump started his antics as well. What a rude awakening I got.

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  3. Interesting topic. So, is this in line with removing Confederate statues from parks? I’m actually a proponent of moving them to museums to remind us of mistakes made. Most of the statuses did not get erected on the heels of the war, but were put up in protest of school segregation.

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    • No this question came about because of Columbus Day and some reading I’ve been doing on who Christopher Columbus was. Then I got to thinking about how poorly we’ve treated the people that Christopher Columbus was responsible for beginning the genocide. And I think you can see how my thought progress from there

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