Never Stop Learning

Reclaiming HOPE

Learn (1 of 1) (2)I got a phone call from my Mom the other day. Here’s how the conversation went: “Hi Mama, how are you?”….”Not so great.”…. “What’s wrong?”….”Well, I just got a smart phone, but I’m not so smart.”  Now, I just have to say, this is absolutely not true. My Mom is one of the smartest people I know. Anyway, she was having some trouble getting her new phone set up and was calling to see if I could help talk her through the process. We managed to get some basic things set up, and she was able to start putting contacts in….enough to get her started with it. We decided that when I came to visit, we would take a look at it and I could show her some other things that she could do with it.

We went down Thursday, and she and I played around with it until she…

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