Who Really Knows You?

2 R Better Than 1

About a year or so ago, I attended a full-day workshop on a Saturday morning. The presenter was a brilliant man, and I had witnessed him give a message or two from the pulpit of my church before. He’s not the type of pastor with the charisma that would fill a megachurch, but he is a knowledgeable, respected teacher. He began the session with an icebreaker. He asked, “How many of you know Michael Jordan?” As I scanned the room, I noticed that every person had raised his or her hand — including me. When he noticed all hands up, he said, “Put your hands down. You don’t know that guy. You know of him, but you don’t know him.”

Imagine if he were to ask the same question, but instead of saying Michael Jordan’s name, he said God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Would every hand…

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