Cadavre exquis, anyone?

Cyranny's Cove

Anyone wants to play with me?

I was brainstorming about what to do in The Cove today. I wanted to do something new, something special, and something that would be somewhat interactive… And I had this idea, that might not work, but hey! Won’t work anyway if I don’t try first, right??

So, you might have heard about cadavre exquis before. (Exquisite cadaver, exquisite corpse or rotating corpse in English) It is the exercise of writing a piece of story, and giving just the last sentence, or the last few words to another person, who writes another part, and so on. You then put all the pieces together to get a weird, yet interesting tale.

I tried it with poetry in the past. It is fun and surprising… And I was curious to know if some of you Lovelies would come out to play??

If so, just email me by…

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