My Daily Observation: 10/10/17


There was a time when I would never use sick days.  In the golf business there wasn’t an opportunity to use sick time because there was no replacement staff; no one to call to come in to work.  I would go to work sick and wore my dedication like a badge of honor.  What I did not realize was that I wasn’t doing myself or anyone else any great favor by being “dedicated”.

Now I understand that sick time is designed to be used and for a few good reasons: 1. When your body doesn’t feel well it needs rest, and 2. You need to be respectful of others when you don’t feel well.  The former is self-explanatory.  But the latter is one of those things I never thought of until I got someone else sick and they got mad at me.

A few years back I went to work sick.  One of my fellow employees who was pregnant at the time made one of those comments like “If I get sick because of you I’m going to be mad.  You need to go home.”  Of course I didn’t go home and as you can imagine by now, she got sick.  And she was mad.  She took her time off work and then yelled at me for not being more considerate and staying home.  Her point was valid and I hadn’t thought about how unfair it was to others to walk around spreading my germs.

Part of being human is about relationships with other humans and being considerate; considering the feelings and views of others when making decisions.  It doesn’t take much effort to stop and evaluate how your actions might impact another human and I highly recommend doing so from time-to-time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!



12 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/10/17

  1. I’m very sure, that I would have been mad too, if you were getting me sick, because you were so egoistic not to think at other peoples health that time, Danny. I have sent many people home, when they arrived and thought, that they were so good to go to the job, even if they felt badly. This is never a favor to other souls.

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  2. I use to do this, till my sister got very ill and was diagnoised with an immune disorder. I think especially because I worked in retail, so met all sorts of people and didn’t know anything about of them. Its when I decided its normally best for the whole if I stay off. Especially now I have my son, you see some outrageous types of behaviour, chicken pox, D&V to name just a few all because people don’t want to take a day off work

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