50 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 10/11/17

  1. There are times, as I have learned the hard way, that the opportunity is past, as when the one wronged or neglected has died or cannot be found again. The important thing is to recognize the error and be willing, if possible, to correct it or make amends, and work to not do it again.

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    • True, but I didn’t say anything about fixing. Doing the right thing doesn’t infer that anything will be fixed. Often times apologizing years later does not fix the problem, but does that mean we shouldn’t try?


      • Again it depends on the situation. Sometimes it just makes the situation worse. Sometimes it is best to forget about it if possible. Some people don’t respond well to apologies.

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      • My ex thinks ignoring the horrible things he did to me to be the answer. I still have to deal with this man due to our family together. He’s a narcissist. I have apologized for things that I thought were my fault, but nothing and I mean nothing is his fault. He has done a real mental number on me, but it is not his fault, EVERYTHING IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN MY FAULT.

        This may have gotten off topic now, but apologizing to him did me no good. He expected it as his due. The pain he caused me doesn’t matter. He even said as much several times. I am done apologizing for any part I may or may not have played in our situation and I will ignore him as much as I can since we have children together. He is never wrong and never apologizes and that is with his kids as well. I consider it to be a situation where what goes around will come around and he will eventually get his comeuppance. Sorry if this got off-topic, can’t even remember the original question. Some situations should just be ignored, they won’t go away no matter how much or sincerely you try to apologize and it really sucks when the other person is the one who should be apologizing. I spent my marriage of 23 years being blamed for everything and apologizing for everything and not getting the same respect.

        In most cases I do believe that apologies are better later than never. In some cases they are worthless. What it proved was that I was the bigger person.

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      • I’m sorry you had to go through all of that, but I think you misunderstood the question. I said “do the right thing…” which doesn’t mean apologizning necessarily. Doing the right thing could be any one of thousands of things depending on the situation. Doing the right thing could be giving someone a jacket in the winter for someone who has never helped another person. Make sense?

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