My Daily Observation: 10/11/17


I am really bothered with so much in the world lately and there doesn’t seem like there’s much anyone can do to change anything.  The government is so big and does as it pleases.  Extremists on the right and left are in a contest to see who can puke their vileness on humanity the fastest.  The majority of Americans are moderate, yet all I hear about on the news are ultras.  The media is constantly pushing their agenda AND they might be the biggest hypocrites in the United States.

After typing that first paragraph I’m beginning to think it is time to unplug for a week or more to decompress and purge all the internet junk from my mind.  That is my observation for today…

I think it is time to unplug.

35 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/11/17

  1. I see what you are saying here, but, do they deserve to get the better of us in this way, I think not ! Stand up and be counted I Say there is some rather remarkable people in this fair land known as blogosphere , keep going you are great at doing your own thing and are appreciated for that….. Plug in my friend plug in !

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  2. I had to unplug from watching the news, Facebook etc. it’s been so nice. Instead I’ve watched comedies, focused on positive things and interestingly enough I feel pretty good. Even rested. It’s goid to unplug every now and then. The craziness around us is still happening. The made for tv reality show we call our government is still in full swing an not going anywhere. It will still be there when you plug yourself back in. Same shit….different day

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  3. I’ve already unplugged, from news at least. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t watch the news and I stopped my paper subscription. I saw this coming, with the election results. It has managed to drive a massive wedge between everyone in this country. Agendas are plentiful, none of which have anything to do with the betterment of our country as a whole. Lies, selfishness, narcissism, and unearned entitlement are the norm now. I’m disappointed in my country, and the people who are supposed to be leaders. Unplugged? Hell, I unplugged as of January 17, 2017.

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    • It was nice not reading any negative news yesterday. No Facebook. I did read a few blog posts, but if it was negative I skipped it. I am going to unplug for the negative again today. My mind feels so much better.

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      • Yes, fb can be depressing. I find it all too much.News alerts on my phone bring it also. We can try to unplug but it doesn’t last long. I have been depressed since January for obvious reasons. Is your trip to Disney coming up next month? It will be good to get away for a while. I find more people I know are getting more discouraged. Take care of yourself first.


  4. I broke my phone and we are too skint at the moment to replace it, its very odd but a really nice feeling not to have it and I am one of the few people I know not glued to my phone (my mother can attest to this as I keep missing her calls) every 4-5 months I deactivate my facebook for a few weeks. Don’t watch the news, as more often than not in pushes some agenda. Also we try and have an hour quiet time at home, so maybe a bit of music, but no tv/computers/phone once a day, if nothing else hopefully my son will learn we are not reliant on technology and like everything else its good but too much is bad for you


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