My Daily Observation: 10/12/17


I have never been driven by money nor have I ever been tempted with material possessions.  When I see people who want, want , want, I feel sorry for them.  They desire for things that have no real value; things that will one day rot in a landfill or junk yard.  I desire for things that have lasting value-friendship, love, compassion, etc.

Evelina and I have nice things, but I could be as content living in a 500 sq ft cinder block building.  The only thing I must have is reliable transportation so a 1988 Honda Accord will do just fine.

When I observe people who are enamored with “stuff” I usually find someone who is a bit empty inside.  They are trying to fill a void internally with stuff externally and it will never, ever work to fill that emptiness.

It seems there’s a lot of emptiness going around.


40 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/12/17

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Once upon a time my family was extremely wealthy. Before my father passed away my brother and my aunt stole everything from my parents leaving them penniless. My dad died a few months later with a broken heart and a quarter in his pocket. Keep in mind my dads net worth prior to this was ten million dollars. This has been in the courts ever since. It’s taken six years to adjust to our new life however the experience has taught me money isn’t everything. The love of family, peace, joy, integrity, compassion etc are more important than money. I’d give anything to have my dad back. I’d give anything to have the peace and love with my brother we once shared and not all this animosity and discontent. My dad used to say “I’ve never seen a uhaul behind a Hearst.” In other words, you can’t take it with you but what you can take is that feeling of love from the people closest to you. My dad left with the love of my mother, my children and he certainly took a piece of my heart filled with all of my love with him but he sure as heck didn’t take anything else even had he still had it. I always say “in a New York minute everything can change” one minute you have all those material things the next minute you don’t but what you can always count on is the love from those closest to you. Great blog today Danny.

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  2. Oh there is a lot of emptiness going on. It seems wrong that it takes a catastrophic disease or an accumulation of age to bring people to look beyond things … and appreciate life and the wealth of wonders that surround them everyday. Great post. g

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      • Mr Dray … when I sit in the afternoons unable to wear shoes because of the pain in my feet, I am thankful that I am at peace with myself and the outside world, but mourn the fact that the human condition is generally so inflexible. Thanks for being a breath of fresh air this morning. g

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      • I suffer from painful feet also, though it doesn’t sound like the same degree to which you suffer. I wish there was something I or the medical world could do to take this from you.

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  3. I am working each day to avoid diabetic amputations and other complications. Diet, weak medications and insulin are the only help available. Anyway, each day is a blessing and there is a few photographs of tomorrow that I need to attend to … g

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  4. It seems there is too much pain, whether physical or mental. I don’t think there’s a handy answer to any of it. Or is it just life, being positive or negative? Sometimes we maybe just need to step out of ourselves and see life in others.

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