Today’s Featured Blog…Robbie’s Inspiration!!

Robbie's inspiration

Michael and I wrote a poem for Aurora, over at Writer’s Treasure Chest’s, Halloween poem competition. You can find out about the competition here:

For purposes of the poem, Michael and I decided to make a new and interesting cake in the shape of a Wizard’s hat home. We had a lot of fun deciding on the form the cake should take. Michael wasn’t feeling very well this weekend so he didn’t help that much with the baking and decorating but he wanted the hat to be blue with yellow stars and have a Smarties door.

I baked three vanilla cakes as follows: a medium round cake, a small round cake and a small bowl shaped cake. Once the cakes had cooled down I stacked them and carved them.


If you look carefully at this downwards shot, you can see the join in the cakes at the bottom and…

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