My Daily Observation: 10/18/17


There is a saying in business, “Be slow to hire, but quick to fire.”  Basically it means take your time in hiring the right people; don’t rush trying to find the right talent for the job.  But when you have someone who you realize is the wrong person for the job take swift action.  Don’t drag out the inevitable because it costs the business time, money and resources.

Such is life.  When you realize the plan you are using isn’t working, do not wait to make a change.  Often times we stick with an idea or a plan out of respect for routine even though we know the plan is not producing.  Be quick to kick the wrong plan of action to the curb because in the end the wrong plan will end up costing you.

11 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/18/17

  1. I’m watching this principle in full effect this week, with my university. Fired Pitino Monday, and Jurich is on the clock today. I was fine Rick. Whether he knew or not, he had to go. Jurich? I’m torn on this one. But I think he’s out after a BOT meeting today.

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  2. Oh, I needed to hear this right now! Thank you!! I’m in the process of kicking out my old plan to make way for something better. So, not a person getting swift action, it’s a plan that isn’t working. This is so on point for me right now🙂

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