78 thoughts on “.Let Me Ask You A Question – 10/20/17

  1. Funny you should ask. I was reading news on my phone about the whole FL, Kelly, Trump thing and I think they are all off. My sister sent me an article about marching high school bands protesting. She’s a conservative, I’m not. I had just woken up from a nightmare I think was brought on from bad news I received yesterday concerning a person’s cancer diagnosis….you get the picture. It’s just all too much sometimes I think. The guns, violence, abuse, sometimes it’s just too ——-much! We need to be informed, but once we are, what are we supposed to do about it? I just feel frustrated with it all. To answer your question, I think the most reliable news is PBS Newshour? I really have no idea who to follow or believe anymore.😱

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    • I don’t either. It’s nearly impossible to know who is lying. The news outlets are more interested in creating news these days than reporting it. I get most of my news from overseas via BBC or I also watch PBS.

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  2. The BBC and Al Jazeera on TV, and BBC online. Sorry, but I can not abide the news from American television sources. After Walter Cronkite left the “news” has become the “opinions”.

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  3. I only get news either from a blurb on my radio (not talk radio) or through social media. I refuse to watch the news. There is rarely anything good reported, full of opinions and I have a phone with an app to tell me the weather. All I need. I actually read a book that suggested, unless it’s necessary, to avoid news altogether, for the reasons I stated. Haven’t missed it in many, many moons!

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  4. To get a rough idea of what is happening I tend to watch the news, on any channel, I find that will give me an idea. So for example some department being cut, an earthquake in the world, a shooting, a bomb going off. Any news channel with report the basics. If I need to delve deeper, I tend to go to a far right newspaper and then a far left newspaper and somewhere in the middle is probably the truth

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  5. I try to pick varying sources with the hope that the truth is somewhere in the middle. I know NPR get a bad rap as being liberal, but I find their reporting to be the most in-depth and fair about presenting all sides. Also, the president’s Twitter feed is a good indication of where his head is at (insert your own joke here).

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  6. I get a mix from TV, computer, feeds. Every news feed has a bias and I try and listen to no only that which I trust but occasionally the “other side” if I can stomach it. I will also check “Snopes” and other fact checking places. The hardest is not to hit “share” on Facebook or Twitter without checking

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