My Daily Observation: 10/21/17


My appointment with my neurologist went well on Thursday.  For the last year I have been off of most medications, but my recent issues are changing my situation.  I’ve had some strange symptoms in the last couple of weeks.  My lips have gone numb, my left hand is experiencing numbness and the flash pains in my hips/legs have intensified.

In order to help with these symptoms I am resuming the use of a muscle relaxer called metaxalone to help with the muscle spasms.  I’ll be taking buspirone to help with anxiety; it is much less intrusive than the more powerful meds, but should help take the edge off a bit.  And I’ll also be taking carbamazepine which will help with the lightning flash nerve pains.

The big change will be a new infusion that I’ll begin in January called Ocrevus.  It doesn’t have the awful side effects as does solumedrol so I’m kind of looking forward to it.  I’ll have to go in the hospital for a few days as I did with the solumedrol, but if it takes away these issues I’ll gladly eat hospital food for a couple of days.

There is one thing I’ve observed/learned going through this process.  Some of these medications cause serious side effects, but trying to deal with my symptoms without them is extremely painful and wears me down.  Over time it can also make it difficult on Evelina as she has to live with me as I try to deal with the pain.  It’s a grind for both of us and I need to keep her in mind when I make my decisions.  It is easy to become self-focused when one lives with a disease, but I think it is important to recognize our care giver(s) and what he or she is experiencing.  I might be dealing with MS, but I am not doing it alone and I need to be aware of Evelina and what she is going through watching me battle my heart out.

Just a quick thought on a Saturday morning.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!










20 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/21/17

  1. Consideration for others when you are physically hurting is hard but as you say, has to be done. I hope your fight for balance becomes easier with your new/revised plan. Have a some together fun for Evelina and yourself this weekend.

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  2. Good to hear the new. I send you a smile and prayer. I just got out of the hospital from my latest heart attack. Two sents unclogged and three more put in. Keep up and enjoy this new day. Respectfully, g

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  3. Pain causes a lot of mental side effects. I’ve been through that with my husband who cared for me when I was suffering. I’m glad you’re trying new meds and hope they work for you. I’m also glad you’re going on a trip to “get away from it all” soon.

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