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  1. When I was in college, I worked third shift at a UPS hub. It was sometimes a tense and chaotic scene, especially around the holidays. Anyway, this particular night the line supervisor was on our backs about pace and the way we were packing the cans and errors on zip codes. Every little thing. But he went off on the guy across the line from me, something fierce. The guy went into his can and the supervisor followed him in. Next thing we know, there’s a couple of thuds then the supervisor falls backwards out of the can and against the belt, with a bloody nose and lip. The guy across from me simply left the can, stepped over the supervisor, got his coat, and walked out. We all thought the supervisor had it coming, but then we got mad because we had to pick up the slack if being one person down. Looking back now though, it was pretty epic. 😃

  2. I quit a job, gave two weeks notice, but not dramatic except the guy was refusing to give me my last paycheck? My oldest son, then even tall at nineteen, came with me to demand the check. The boss being small in stature and mind….gave it right up. 👍🏻☺️

      1. The other employees really wanted me to stay. The others before me quit after a month. That’s how bad a boss he was. Unlike the rest of the women, I could survive without the job.

      1. Mhh no, not really. Not from a ‘real’ job anyways. Coolest thing I know is a friend of mine who quit without having any idea what t do next. She said she wanted to wait to find out what she is really passionate about. I admire her courage very much!

  3. I would have to say some guy named Guang (whose last name I’ve long forgotten). When he quit, he encrypted all of his source code for the stuff he wrote and deleted some other stuff. What happened was that he was not allowed to use his vacation time after he gave his two weeks notice. From that point forward, whenever someone gave notice the MIS department, they were terminated on the spot and escorted to the door.

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