My Daily Observation: 10/23/17

My Daily Observation: 10/23/17


It is supposed to rain all day in Charlotte; at times the rain will be severe.  I enjoy the rain because it’s like the Earth is getting a bath.  I love the smell.  I love the feel.  I love the sound of the water dripping.  It is refreshing.

There are moments when I stop and watch the rain.  I watch how people respond to water falling from the sky.  To me it is beautiful and I wish it would happen more often.



18 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/23/17

      1. I was in line at the grocery store yesterday morning behind one of our town cops. He said the town was totally packed over the weekend. So, I don’t think your absence did us any measurable financial damage. 😀

      1. The level of driving skills is about the worst I’ve ever seen. Tailgating, going 50 in the fast lane, no turn signals used, cutting people off. I’ve come to despise driving anywhere, but especially during rush hours. It’s maddening.

  1. I took my first driving training with hand controls this morning. My OT thought I was brave to come out n the rain. I said I’ve lived in Colorado Montana and Seattle so a little rain doesn’t bother me! But, Along with the stress of using hand controls and the crazy rainstorm, I’m exhausted! The occupational therapist that is my driving instructor is a little concerned about my right hand and arm being able to use the steering wheel for long periods of time. So we may look into putting the accelerator and brake mechanism on the right side and have me use the steering wheel on the left. We will try a new handle on the steering wheel tomorrow and see if that works better. She was really concerned that she may have to recommend that I do not drive. That would be a huge problem, as I am the caregiver for my mother. Prayers would be appreciated!

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