.Let Me Ask You A Question – 10/25/17


Let me ask you a question:

If you were to write a User’s Manual For Life, what would be #1 in that book?    

60 thoughts on “.Let Me Ask You A Question – 10/25/17

  1. I think people are in a hurry to give good advice… I’d start with an intro… Something like :

    “Hey congratulations on getting your very own life! This will be a never ending (well yes, it will end some day, but you get what I mean) work in progress, and don’t worry if you don’t find all the screws in the box, you’ll have to find some things out for yourself along the way… Oh, and talking about screws, you might still be missing some in the end anyway! But hey! A lot of people do well without them… We hope your parents were kind enough to read you the first chapters, otherwise, Man! We have some catching up to do!….”

    I won’t write it all for you, but you catch my drift, right? 😉

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