My Daily Observation: 10/25/17

My Daily Observation: 10/25/17


There are experts on many subjects.  Attorneys use expert witnesses when they need to demonstrate certain facts to a jury.   Medical experts are working to solve the latest diseases.  There are experts at sports, building buildings, designing clothing, making money, etc.  But there are no experts at life.  Life is one of those things that we all must figure out on our own.  We can ask for advice, but in the end we are left to make it through this world on our lonesome.

Isn’t that crazy when you think about it?  There’s no manual.  There’s no training guide.  There’s no repair course.  It’s you, the world and time.   You are left with the memories of your younger years and then set adrift on the vast ocean of life to navigate until you die.  And hopefully someone in your early years taught you lessons which you can turn to in your times of decision-making as an adult.


Sometimes I wish there was a users manual.





14 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/25/17

  1. Oh ! But would we use it ? Is it not the obtaining of the experience where we really learn, we can read and read, but some of us just like to get up to our neck in it !! And i love this thing called life. . have a great day lol

    1. There are things the Bible doesn’t address like: how to change a baby’s diaper or how to know if your car needs a new alternator or battery. Those types of User Guide situations.

  2. The thing is even if there was a manual, how many people would pay attention to it. Its a bit like instructions, you turn around and go, don’t be silly I can build that and end up with a wonky computer desk. (I maybe speaking from experience)

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