45 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 10/26/17

  1. Good thing you put that addendum on there at the end, because I had my answer ready before I finished reading the question. So, my non-Trumpster Fire answer is, currently at least, hearing Rick Pitino in yet another post-apocalypse interview. I loved the guy, but at this point, i wish he’d just ride off into the sunset. 😒

      1. We all knew he wouldn’t be able to stay quiet. He’s never seen a microphone he didn’t like. Most of us just want to move on. Our season starts Monday, with an exhibition game, so I’m thankful for that. This year should be good, but I’m expecting nuclear winter for a couple years after this one though. 😟

  2. “Aww you’re so lucky!”

    I just can’t stand envy over things like going to a show, or planning a trip… I am not lucky, I worked for everything I have. If you want it, work for it too… You can call me lucky when I win the lottery jackpot. And even then, don’t, if you haven’t bought a ticket yourself!

    *rolling eyes* *deep sigh*

    1. I AM WITH YOU ON THIS ONE. I work hard and can’t stand it when others say “lucky”. It’s as if they try to devalue years of dedication in one sentence. I might have experienced some fortune along the way, but luck is when preparation meets opportunity!!

      1. Amen! I also work very hard into not saying that others are lucky, or not wishing “luck” (for an interview, for an example…) But it sometimes slips, it’s something we’re so used to say!

  3. Lets see, if I exempt the political, and might as well include the religious as currently too often too close to it, what’s left? … [thinking] … [still thinking] … [damn, that really cuts out a lot, doesn’t it] … How about when people go on excitedly about the doings of reality TV celebrities? That works.

    1. I guess you are referring to people judging parents for the conduct of the child when they are not aware of what might be going on. I can see that. I will say I’ve done that before with kids who are up running around the restaurant and not behaving.

      1. If a child has any type of mental health, such as ADHD or autism they simple can not help it. Not the parents fault at all. Especially if they have not been diagnosed. I use to be one of those parents. Then I had a crash course in parenting a child with ADHD. They simply can not help it!

  4. redundancies..like “yellow jaundice” or “exact same”….I suppose “exact same” makes my eyes roll the most. Either turn ‘exact” into an adverb or don’t use it.

  5. You aren’t going to eat that are you? Did you forget you have diabetes? Yes I am and no I didn’t, I am making a bad choice right now because if I let it become too out of control I will eat a gallon of ice cream or a whole cake instead of a little bit. The point being I am an adult and can make irresponsible choices at times. I am not perfect.

    1. It’s easy for people to judge. On the other hand we do have to take personal responsibility. But don’t judge me the next time you see me eating a large peanut butter cup Blizzard!! lol

      1. I don’t judge people. I think I am old enough to decide if I want to have something I shouldn’t now and again. I know the risks and choose to make the decision occasionally to have something I shouldn’t. Some days I can’t help myself. My sugars are on target most days now. Actually lower than my dr wants them. He wants diabetic numbers and not normal numbers and I want normal numbers. I admit I do cheat occasionally and that isn’t good. but a craving non-fulfilled can become a killer craving and then end up even worse than if I had just had a little bit to satisfy the craving.

    1. That’s a tough one. I do believe things happen for a reason, but this is so cliche. I especially don’t like it when I hear this come from the mouth of the overly-religious. It’s something they can say to explain tough situations. It’s a cop

      1. I heard it a lot as a hospice chaplain by friends/family who would come in and tell the daughter of the woman passing. I’d look at the person who was about to pass away and think ” Really? This is all you can think to say?!!!! How lame! How pathetic! How insensitive! How lazy!!! How about..’How are you, can I get you anything? ‘Or ‘Do you want me to sit with you?’ ” a THOUSAND things they could say that required a shred of compassion. Everything happens for a reason IS just a flippant response to an often dire and serious and upsetting situation. Nothing positive comes from it EVEN if you believe it, at the moment it is often said inappropriately.

  6. You don’t have depression you are just lazy, I have almost punched people out for that one. Or the good ol’ mental health doesn’t exist its just another way to make money off you its all in your head (my reply to that one was well yes it is in my head thats the point) Don’t even get me started on vaccines. I probably have thousands of these thinking about it.

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