My Daily Observation: 10/26/17

My Daily Observation: 10/26/17


There’s not much that more fun than planning a vacation/holiday!  Discussing potential locations, then researching those potential spots, then beginning the early stages of making it happen.  All that pre-work is exciting for me.  I love planning and I love working through the process of watching the plan come to fruition.

It is important to take time away from everything; to get away and recharge.  I don’t think I have ever looked more forward to a holiday than I am this one in November.  I’ve worked hard this year and reached a goal I didn’t think I would reach till next year-becoming the #1 marketing rep in the company.  I will admit that I am worn out though.

We all need times of renewal.  Be sure to plan some type of getaway, even if only for a few days.  Being able to give your mind a break from the grind is critical.




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