The Trouble with Work

Tripping Through Treacle

I follow a brilliant blog called Stumbling in Flats, by Barbara A Stensland.  It covers situations and topics pertinent to MSers and others with chronic illnesses in an honest and informative way – it’s fab.

One of Barbara’s most recent blog posts discussed the ‘cost’ of having MS and it really made me think.  I currently work 3 days a week for the NHS.  I’m not on a bad wage, but Hubs and I don’t have much money at the end of the month; we live within our means and try to cut costs as much as possible.  But what will happen when I can’t work any more?  I am under no illusion that I am going to be working until age 65 or beyond… in fact, going by my current health I am sometimes surprised that I am still working.  I’m lucky that I mainly sit down while…

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